Oil & Gas Industry: Cawley Gillespie & Associates, Petroleum Consultants. Full website with live streaming stock ticker and widget displaying custom-calculated oil and natural gas averages.
Real Estate: The Tower, Fort Worth, Texas. Fully customized site featuring 3D scale model of building that rotated to illustrate specific condominiums for sale, taking client's online image far beyond standard templated Real Estate websites.
Branding: Mountain Dew Street Hoops, And1 Mixtape Tour Designed and programmed animated and interactive website enabling users to page through user-submitted media, while maintaining PepsiCo corporate branding standards.
Press Your Luck Promotional Kiosk, Caesars Entertainment. Tasked to bring the popular CBS television game show to life on a 12' interactive kiosk. Positioned on the Las Vegas Strip, it is played by thousands weekly.
Touchscreen for Class II Series of Reel Slot Machines, Hest Technologies. Designed UI for touchscreen which doubled as a display for a virtual bingo card as well as interactive denomination selector.
Animated Exhibit Booth Presentation, G2E, NIGA, Game King. Programmed sequence of animations showcasing product line of interactive gaming products for use at the Global Gaming Expo and National Indian Gaming Tradeshow.
iPhone Apps. The explosion in popularity with smartphones created an exciting path for us web designers and programmers. We can transform your idea into an App and help you deploy it to the Mac App Store.
Android Apps. Let us help double your market share by optimizing your App for Android mobile devices.
iPad Apps. With our experience in Apple's Cocoa Touch and Objective-C, we can make your existing website or App idea a reality on the iPad.
Casino Industry & Marketing, Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas, Nevada. Created efficiancy and security solutions for Promotions Department by streamlining heavily-used game kiosk where players can win up to one million dollars.
Railroad & Automobile Industry, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Fort Worth, Texas. Programmed tracking system to monitor incoming automobiles' physical locations via hand-scanning dashboard VIN barcodes.
Manufacturing, Haggar Clothing Company. Integrated legacy AS400 system data into Crystal Reports, enabling factory managers to acquire specific employee production and efficiency statistics, which were then used for factory worker bonus incentives.
Letterpops, Facebook-Embedded Game. We have entered the world of Facebook Development with Letterpops, a fun and fast-paced word game.