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Cawley, Gillespie & Associates




AJU Investment Holdings USA Inc.
AKA Energy Group LLC
AKG Companies
Alinda Capital Partners
Alleghany Capital Partners
American Standard Energy Corp
Amromco Energy LLC
Apollo Management
Arapahoe Resources LLC
Archon Resources
Arclight Capital Partners LLC
Arden Moore
Argent Energy (US) Holdings Inc.
ASM Oil & Gas
Athlon Energy
Atinum E&P Inc.
Atlas Energy LP
Atomic Capital LLC


BD Production Company
BP Capital LP
BV Partners
Bakutis, McCully & Sawyer PC
Ballard Petroleum Holdings
Bank Of America
Bank Of New York Trust Co
Bank Of Texas
Banner Resources LLC
Bill Barret Corp
Bishop Of Wheeling
Black Bear Oil Co
Black Hills Expl & Prod
BLs Production Co
Blue Phoenix Midstream LP
Bluescape Resources
BMO Capital Markets
Bobco LP
Bonanza Creek Energy
Bonds Ranch Investors LTD
Bopco LP
Border To Border Exploration
Bounty Investments
Braden Exploration LLC
Breck Operating Co
Breckenridge Partnership Limited
Breitburn Management Co LLC
Brigadier Oil & Gas
Brigham Oil & Gas LP (now StatOil)
Brigham Resources/Anthem Ventures
Browder, Betsy Dearing
BT And MK Energy And Commodities
Buccaneer Alaska LLC
Buchanan Partners LTD
Buffalo Oil & Gas
Burnett Oil Co Inc.
Burnett Petroleum Co
Byrd FLP


C12 Energy
Caddis Capital LLC
Callon Petroleum
Cambridge Petroleum
Camwest Companies
Cantey & Hanger LLP
Cardinal Midstream II
Carrier Petroleum
Casillas Petroleum Corp
Catlin Group Limited
Century Exploration
Chandler Energy LLC
Chaparral Energy Inc.
Charger Resources LLC
Chase Oil Corp (Mack)
Chinn Exploration Co
Chris Evans Royalty
Chroma Oil & Gas LP
Citation Oil & Gas
CL&F Resources
Clayton Williams Energy Inc.
Clearfork Resources LLC
CLG Energy Finance LLC
Club Oil & Gas
CNSY Resource Partners LLC
Coachman Energy Holdings LLC
Cobra Oil & Gas Corp
Cog Operating LLC (concho)
Colt Energy
Concho Resources (cog Oper)
Cordillera Energy Partners
Core Minerals
Cornerstone Acq & Mgmt
Cornerstone Energy Inc.
Cortez Resources LLC
Coyote Petroleum
CP Exploration
Crawford Hughes Operating
Creed Operating Co LLC
Crestline Investors Inc.
Crowley Fleck
Crownquest Operating LLC
Cushman & Wakefield Of Texas


DJ Simmons Inc.
D.E. Shaw Direct Capital
Dale Oil & Gas Partners LLC
Danmark Energy LP
DavOil Inc.
Delaware Basin Resources
Dillard Family Trust
Diversified Resources
Dorchester Minerals
Double Eagle Development LLC
Drillmar Energy Inc.
Duer Wagner Iii Inc.
Dynamic Production Inc.
Dynasty Oil And Gas LP


Eagle Oil & Gas Co
Eagle Rock Energy
EC Offshore Properties
Elm Ridge Resources Inc.
Elr Properties LTD
Emerald Oil
Enbridge Energy Co
Enbridge Inc.
Encap Investments LLC
Enduro Resource Partners
Enduro Royalty Trust
Energy Management Corp
Energy Partners
Energy Production Corp
Enervest LTD
Enexp (Energy & Expl Ptnrs)
Enhanced Oil Resources Inc.
Estate Of H.B. Ted Roe
EY Energy Partners LP
Explore Enterprises Of America


Finley Resources Inc.
Firewheel Energy LLC
First Reserve Corp
Five States Energy Co
Flairtex Energy Mgmt
Flatirons Resources
Fleet Oil & Gas
Foothill Energy LLC
Foothills Resources Inc.
Foreland Resources LLC
Fortress Investment Group
Fortson Oil Company
Fossil Resources Inc.
Fred W. Middleton
Freepoint Commodities LLC
F-W Oil Exploration LLC


Gaedeke Energy LLC
Ge Energy Financial Services
Genesis Gas & Oil Partners LLC
GeoResources Inc. (now Halcon)
GHK Companies
GI Partners/gi International
Global Hunter Securities
Goldking Energy
Goldking Onshore Operating
Great Plains
Greenshale Energy LLC
GSO Capital Partners


H & L Exploration
Halcon Resources
Hall Exploration
Happy State Bank
Hartz Capital Inc.
Henry Resources LLC
Heyco LLC
HilCorp Energy Co
Howard Energy Partners
HPC Energy LLC
HRM Resources LLC
HSBC Securities
HVL Energy


Impetro Resources LLC
Indigo Minerals LLC
Inergy Midstream LP
Inland Investments Inc.
Intervention Energy LLC
Isramco – Jay


Jatex Oil & Gas Expl
Jefferies Capital Partners
Jetta Operating Co Inc.
Jetta Production
Jgc Energy Development USA Inc.
Jimmie Vaughan, LLC
Jma Energy Co
John H Young Inc.
Jones Energy LTD
JP Morgan Chase
Junior Blind Of America
J-W Gathering Co
J-W Midstream Co
J-W Operating Co


Kayne Anderson Capital Adv
Kayne Anderson Energy Funds
Kelly Hart
Kelly Mcguire
Kelso & Company
Kiamichi Energy Corp
Killam Oil & Gas
King Foundation, Carl & Florence
Kirkwood Companies
Klabzuba Oil & Gas
Krewe Energy


L R Energy
L.O.G. Energy Development
Lancer Resources
Landmark Energy Expl
Lanita Oil LLC
Lario Oil & Gas Company
Layline Petroleum
Layne Energy, Inc.
Lennox Foundation
Leonard Family
Leonard, O P Jr Investment
Lone Star Land & Energy
Longfellow Energy LP
Longroad Asset Mgmt
Longview Production Co
Lr Energy Inc.
Lucid Energy Group
Lucid Energy Westex LLC
Luk Oil
Lynden Energy Corp


Mack Energy (chase Oil)
Maefield Development Co
Magnetar Capital LLC
Magnum Hunter Resources Corp
Magnum Producing
Mai Oil Operations
Mak-J Energy Partners
Manzano LLC
Marlin Energy LLC
Martineau Petroleum
Maverick American Natural Gas LLC
Mcelvain Oil & Gas Prop
Mcguire, Wood & Bissette
MD America Energy LLC
Meeker & Company Inc.
MegaEnergy Inc.
Memorial Resource Development
Metalmark Capital
Mid-con Energy Partners
Middle East Ventures LTD
Midstates Petroleum Co
Mirada Energy LLC
Mitchell Law
Momentum Operating
Moncrief Investments
Montana & Wyoming Oil Company
Montierra Minerals & Prod
Morningstar Partners
Mosbacher Energy Co
Mountain V Oil & Gas
Mountainview Energy
Mt. Dora Energy Corp
Mustang Fuel Corp


Nadel & Gussman Rockies
Narp LLC
National Xp Company LTD
Native Oil & Gas LLC
Ncl Appalachian Pship
New Gulf Resources
Newark Energy LLC
Newell Ranch LTD
North American Energy
Nytis Exploration Co


O.P. Leonard Jr Inv Co
Oak Valley Resources LLC
Och-ziff Capital Investments
Ogr Bakken Resources
Ogx Resources
Ohana LP
Oppenheimer & Co Inc.
Overton Energy Investments Vi


P S Farris LLC
Pablo Operating
Pace Companies
Palo Duro Exploration
Palo Petroleum Inc.
Panan Energy Inc.
Panther Energy
Parallel Petroleum Corp
Paramount Resources
Patrick Energy Group
Patterson Equity Partners
Peak Energy Operating LLC
Pedernales Energy
Pedernales Production LP
Penn Virgina Oil & Gas Corp
Peregrine Petroleum
Perella Weinberg Partners
Performance Energy Res
Perkins Cove Ventures
Permian Basin Royalty Trust
Perryman Financial
Petex Properties LLC
Petroclearing LLC
Petro-hunt Corp
Petsec Energy Inc.
Pine Brook Road Partners
PlainsCapital Bank
Plano Petroleum
Platte Valley Resources LLC
Plymouth Resources
PNC Financial Services Group
Post Oak Energy Capital
Postrock Energy Services
Powers Energy Corp
Pre Resources Inc.
Preon Energy LLC
Principle Petroleum LLC
Protégé Energy Iii LLC
PVR Midstream LLC


Quantum Energy Partners


Ramshorn Investments
RBC Richardson Barr
RDT Properties Inc.
Red Mountain Resources
Red Rocks Resources LLC
Red Willow Production Co
Reef Oil & Gas Co
Regalo Oil And Gas Co
Reliant Energy
Reliant Holdings LTD
Rentech Inc.
RG Hvl Fund
Richard Yeager Engineering
Richland Resources
Richmond Hill Investment Co
Ricochet Interests LTD
Ring Energy
Rivergate Partners LLC
Rockford Energy Partners
Rockport Energy LLC
Rosewood Resources
Royal, Dennison Estate
Rubicon Energy LP
Rubicon Oil & Gas


S2 Energy LLC (now Krewe)
Sabco Oil & Gas Corp
Sagecrest Oil & Gas
Sageview Capital LP
San Juan Basin Royalty Trust
Sanders Law Group Pa
Sandridge Energy
Sapphire Oil & Gas LTD
Sequel Energy LLC
Shields Companies
Shoreline Energy LLC
Silver Oak Energy LLC
Silver Oak Operating LLC
Silver Point Capital
Sinclair Oil & Gas Co
SM Energy Company
Snd Energy Co Inc.
Sonic Oil & Gas LP
Southern Ute Indian Tribe
Southwest Bank
SPO Partners & Co
Sproles Woodard
ST Oil Company
Staghorn Energy
Stellar Energy
Stellus Capital Mgmt
Steppe Resources
Stewart Geological Inc.
Stranded Oil Resources Corp
Strat Land Exploration Co
Strata Resources Inc.
Suelopetrol Corp
Suemaur Expl & Prod
SuLPhur River Exploration
Summit Petroleum
Sun River Energy
Sunland Production
Sunland Production Partners
SV Energy


Tabula Rasa Energy LLC
Tailwind Oil & Gas
Talon Oil & Gas Ii
Tanos Exploration LLC
Telesis Operating Co Inc.
Tempest Energy Partners
Tenaska Resources LLC
Texakoma Operating LP
Texas American Resources
Texas Exchange Bank
Texkan Production
Texland Petroleum Inc.
Texxol Inc.
The Ghk Companies
The Pace Companies
The Schieffer Group
Three Rivers Operating
TPg Capital
Traditions Oil & Gas LLC
Treadstone Energy
Triangle Petroleum Corp
Tri-tex Energy
Tri-tex Energy A LP
Tufts Energy
Tyler, Leon


U S Energy Corp
U/R Acquisition Companies
Unicredit Bank
Union Gas Operating Co
Unitex Oil And Gas LLC
Ursa Resources


Van Gilder Insurance Corp
Venado Oil & Gas
Venoco Inc.
Vess Oil Corp
Victory Eagle Utility
Victory Park Resources
Viewpoint Bank, Na


Wade Oil & Gas
Wapiti Energy LLC
Waste Management
West Coast Energy
Wheeler Operating Co
White Marlin E&p LLC
White Oak Energy LLC
White Oak Operating Co
Whiting Petroleum Corp
Wildhorse Resources
William E Scott Foundation
Woodbine Acquisition LLC
WSGP Gas Prod LLC (nextera)
Wunderlich Securities


XTO Energy


Zarvona Energy LLC
Zumaque Energy Group USA LLC